Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Funding: Minister Hajdu and Minister Bibeau recently announced $20 million in new funding to the CFIA  This investment will allow the CFIA to hire, train and equip additional staff (including recently retired CFIA inspectors and veterinarians) to conduct critical inspection activities, reassign staff from within the Agency to focus on critical services, and work closer with industry and trading partners to minimize supply disruptions during this crisis. The funding will also support the CFIA in developing flexible ways to carry out inspections, including through the expanded use of electronic tools such as tablets and access to the CFIA’s remote service delivery network. To read the full news release, please click here.

CFIA Update: New expectations for operators have been posted on the CFIA website about preventing and responding to COVID-19 in establishments regulated by CFIA. The document outlines steps that the CFIA expects operators to take to address exposure risks for both the establishment and CFIA employees.

New FAQ’s: The AAFC Roundtable has shared new FAQ’s around COVID-19 Logistics & Border-Related Labour Questions, which you can read here.