In keeping with  CSTA tradition we are planning an eventful and exciting program for CSTA’s kids.

You can hang on to one of the aerial adventure courses ranging from 1 to 10 meters high, climb the wall of the pirates’ ship or run through the inflatable playground! No matter what your skill level or level of thrill seeking, this course has something for you!

And don’t worry parents, the life lines make it impossible for a participant to become detached during the course, so it’s all very safe, but still thrilling for adventurers.

Additional adventure awaits after a picnic lunch when your kids will dive into the creepy crawly world of the Insectarium!

When you visit the Insectarium, you’ll plunge into an unknown and fascinating universe. Whatever your age, you’ll be astounded by the incomparable adaptations and surprising behavior of insects.

You’ll be amazed by the museum, which is home to some 250,000 specimens of living and naturalized insects, an anthill and many other exciting vivarium’s.

Get ready for a thrilling day!