Database of corn hybrids commercially available in Canada.

In 2006, CSTA began to collect and publish information on corn hybrids that are commercially available in Canada. This is the most comprehensive compilation of corn hybrids available in Canada. In addition to listing the hybrid number and brand it includes information on:

  • Corn Heat Units;
  • GM events present (if any);
  • Related conventional hybrid (for GM varieties);
  • Whether the hybrid is entered in performance trials; and
  • Whether the hybrid is approved in the European Union (replaces the Market Choices list).

It also includes the technology brand name and refuge requirements. Where there is a refuge requirement, clicking on the hybrid name will bring up a refuge map.

You can access CSTA’s new Corn Hybrid Data Base here.

CSTA has also joined with the Ontario Committee and the Canadian Corn Pest Coalition to provide comprehensive information to farmers on the refuge requirements associated with some corn hybrids.  You can find the new Refuge Selector in both languages here.