Active at a global level, Canadian seed companies and plant breeders are involved in many aspects of the international seed trade such as germplasm exchange, research and development programs, contract production for export and marketing new varieties imported into Canada.

The CSTA International Committee works to:
  • Foster international relationships with industry associations and Regional Plant Protection Organizations;
  • Gain access to valuable seed trade information;
  • Tackle phytosanitary issues and trade barriers for Canadian seed;
  • Interact with trading partners.
The activities of the committee include:
  • Identifying and prioritizing international issues;
  • Providing regular updates on trade statistics;
  • Developing strategic alliances for new markets;
  • Lobbying government for support on international issues;
  • Working with international organizations like International Seed Federation (ISF), Seed Association of the Americas (SAA), North American Plant Protectipon Organization (NAPPO), International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD);
  • Organizing special projects to address specific trade matters.

Current Projects

The International Division of CSTA works on a multitude of projects including:
  • Phytosanitary Issues;
  • Legislative framework for Plant Breeding Innovation
  • Biotech Protocols;
  • International Low Level Presence Policy;
  • Reciprocal Lab Recognition;
  • Seed Treatments;
  • Invasive Species Act; and
  • Arbitration Procedures.

Imports & Exports

Members of  CSTA are active in a number of initiatives from variety exchange agreements at the research and development level to contractual agreements for production of seed for export and import. Below are a number of documents detailing requirements for seed imports and exports.

Grain and Seed Trade Between Canada and the U.S.

Industry and Government in Canada and the U.S. have developed a comprehensive website to provide information to those who wish to trade grain and seed between our two countries. It provides an overview of Canadian and U.S. import requirements for grain and seed, and includes a question and answers section. Find it by following this link.

Seed Exports Using the OECD Seed Scheme

Canada has been active in the formulation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Seed Certification Rules since 1962. The scheme allows Canadian produced seed to be inspected and certified by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to the standards of the importing OECD member country. Find the OECD Seed Schemes here.