CSTA supports the following principles of coexistence planning

  1. The goal of coexistence planning is to provide producers with freedom of choice and opportunity to pursue diverse markets.
  2. Coexistence plans will be based on good communication and mutual respect between neighbours, individuals and companies who have opted for different approaches to production, to capture different market opportunities (e.g. organic, conventional and biotechnology).
  3. Coexistence plans are built on science based stewardship programs and tools for monitoring the efficacy of such programs.
  4. Coexistence standards/practices/tolerances must be practical, achievable and economically feasible, and must be focused on market opportunity. They are not meant to address health and safety of food, feed and the environment, which is the focus of regulation.
  5. Those who benefit from each system must accept the responsibility for implementing the practices  required to achieve coexistence.