Want to play a role in producing Canada’s top quality seed varieties and forging partnerships both locally and internationally? A career in seed production and supply chain logistics puts you at the forefront of transforming seed innovations from the lab to the field.

container,container ship in import export and business logistic.A typical seed company is involved in the research and development of varieties, production of the seed, and marketing, sales and delivery of the seed to the farmer customer. The field of seed production and supply chain logistics includes all activities required to transform breeder seed from research to finished seed product available to commercial farm customers. Careers in seed production can include working with seed growers or performing field operation to grow the seed crop, often providing agronomic advice on crop production, fertility and pest management, and crop planning. From field production, the seed moves into processing and manufacturing where plant managers and technicians remove impurities, apply seed treatments, coatings, and inoculants, and package the seed for distribution. The area of supply chain logistics ensures the seed meets quality and product requirements for customer needs. This involves integration and management of production, processing, packaging, inventory, warehousing and transportation systems. Quality assurance and regulatory managers play a key role along this path as seed must be evaluated to meet quality requirements of customers and government regulations. Typical activities include seed analysis for purity and germination, developing quality management systems and fulfillment of regulatory documentation.


Courses or training desired for a career in production and supply chain logistics is varied, and can include:

  • Agronomy – courses in plant health, fertility, pest control, crop management
  • Genetics – introductory courses in plant breeding or plant genetics
  • Biotechnology – introductory courses in transformation, molecular and seed composition evaluation
  • Equipment – training in operation vehicles and cleaning, packaging, treating, warehouse and farm equipment
  • Regulatory – courses related to government regulations, operation and policy
  • Quality Assurance – courses related to seed analysis, operation of lab equipment, methods of molecular and protein testing
  • Supply Chain Management – courses related to transportation and logistics, inventory and forecasting, sourcing and supplier management

Careers in Production and Supply Chain Logistics include:

  • Seed Production
  • Seed Operations Supervisor
  • Seed Manufacturing
  • Plant Manager
  • Fulfillment Supervisor
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Import/Export Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager

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