Certified seed is the foundation for quality assurance, performance, and identity preservation. A purchase of certified seed not only delivers all of that, it is an investment in the future. Below you will find some resources and information pieces to support the use of certified seed.



A purchase of Certified Seed opens the door to new opportunities for success:

Take a look at some of the success stories, and some of the advertisements that have run in agricultural and local publications.



Economic Issues With Certified and Farmer Saved Wheat Seed – A paper by Kansas State University


Sharing the Message – About Certified Seed

Does Seed Really Matter? – A presentation about the benefits of certified seed

Fact Sheets On Certified Seed

  1. The Value of Certified Seed
  2. The Value of Plant Breeding
  3. Top Ten Reasons to Use Certified Seed

Posters About Certified Seed

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  2. Western Version